Policy Details

Title: 01.02.003 - Record Keeping Retention Schedule

Policy Number: 01.02.003

Policy Title: Record Keeping Retention Schedule

Status: Active



Transcripts = Permanent

Disciplinary Records = Permanent

Complaints or Grievances (DESK record) = Permanent

Diploma Graduation List of all diplomas
granted with associated information = Permanent.

Certificate Graduation List of all certificates granted with associated information = Permanent.

Substitutions & Waivers List of all special circumstances in which program requirements were met due to administrative action toward completion of a course, program, certificate, or diploma = 7 years.

Grade Appeal / Complaints List of complaints or grade appeals submitted with associated information including outcome = 7 years.

Grade Book & Faculty grade calculations = 7 years.

Correspondence = 7 years

Financial Records = 7 years.