Policy Details

Title: 02.01.003 - Admissions Appeal

Policy Number: 02.01.003

Policy Title: Admissions Appeal

Status: Active


A potential student has the right to request in writing that their admission decision be reconsidered.
Upon receipt of a written request from the student, the following procedure will ensue:
1. The manager of Recruiting and Admissions will notify the Leadership Team that the student has requested reconsideration of admission.
2. The Leadership Team will review the student’s file.
3. The Leadership Team will notify the student in writing of their decision after reconsidering the student’s file.
4. The decision of the Leadership Team in response to the student appeal is final. Additional requests for reconsideration will not be honored.

Students that do not meet the institution’s standard admission criteria may be considered for enrollment under exception to admissions criteria with strong demonstration of one or more of the following:
• Evidence of a strong support system in place to accommodate with the student’s success in the program
• Exceptionally strong letters of recommendation, especially from influential or respected figures or current employers/supervisors
• Strong previous experience in the field of study
• Qualities or experiences possessed by the applicant that were not initially disclosed during any part of the application process
• Faulty or incomplete application requirement submissions due to institutional technological issues (i.e. pre-admission assessment, video essay, application information, etc.)