Policy Details

Title: 02.01.012 - Transfer Credit

Policy Number: 02.01.012

Policy Title: Transfer Credit

Status: Active


For the purposes of this policy, transfer credit refers specifically to the outward transferability of credit achieved during a student's enrollment with the institution.
The institution’s programs are structured into courses in order to allow other educational institutions the ability to map the curriculum to their own curriculum so that they may award students credit if they choose to pursue a degree with that institution. For this reason, the institution provides grades for each individual course, even though it is possible to achieve a passing grade in an individual course but not successfully complete the certificate program.
Assigning letter grades for each course within the program provides a means to transfer information to other educational institutions to allow for the completion of a student’s educational transcript. Students interested in pursuing a degree at another institution are advised to contact to find out what Articulation Agreements, if any, exist between the institution and other educational institutions.