Policy Details

Title: 02.01.020 - Criminal History Impact on Admission

Policy Number: 02.01.020

Policy Title: Criminal History Impact on Admission

Status: Active


The institution will not admit applicants in which evidence exists that the applicant has:

*Been convicted of or plead guilty or no contest to a felony in the 12 months preceding the application.
*Been convicted of or plead guilty or no contest to more than two felonies unless the most recent felony is more than ten years old.
*Been convicted of or plead or no contest to:
-A felony involving sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, or involuntary sexual act including child pornography or any non—consensual, involuntary sexual act.
-A felony involving a violent crime with a weapon.
-A felony involving murder or manslaughter.
-A felony involving the sale of, transportation of, or intent to sell drugs or controlled substances.
-Any criminal history which might cause the applicant to be ineligible to seek licensure in the program in which they are enrolling.

The institution may indefinitely postpone processing an application for admission if the applicant has unresolved criminal accusations which have the potential to impact a student’s eligibility for admission. This may include but is not limited to indictments, criminal complaints, citations, charges, deferred adjudication, probation, etc.

The institution may reject or indefinitely postpone processing an application for admission if the applicant has ANY criminal history which has the potential to cause the individual to be ineligible for licensing in the field for which the student is applying.
This is done to protect potential students from engaging in a training program for a trade in which they may not be eligible to become licensed.

Applicants with any criminal history that might cause them to be ineligible to seek licensure in Texas in the EMS field must undergo a Criminal History Evaluation with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and receive a notification that they are eligible for licensure. Once the prospect provides proof of this notification, they may request that their application be processed. Notification from DSHS that the individual is eligible for licensure does not guarantee admission into any the institution program.

Details of this process may be found on the DSHS website. Https:// Any cost associated with this process is the responsibility of the student. Applicants who have received notification of eligibility of licensure, after the completion of the Criminal History Evaluation should re-apply or ask that their existing application be activated. While positive results from the DSHS Criminal History Evaluation are a requirement of applicants with a criminal history, these results do not guarantee admission.

Students actively enrolled in any institution program must notify the admissions office if they are charged or convicted of any crime which would require notification to DSHS after licensure. Texas Administrative Code 157.36 requires any individual that holds an EMS certificate or license to timely notify the Department when they are arrested, charged, or indicted and when the charge either results in a conviction, deferred adjudication community supervision, or deferred disposition by completing and timely submitting to the Department a fully completed Criminal History Report Form.

Students with a prior or current criminal history may not be eligible for licensure regardless of whether they were successfully admitted into any institution course or program.