Policy Details

Title: 02.02.003 - Academic Evaluation of Affective Behavior (EMS Programs)

Policy Number: 02.02.003

Policy Title: Academic Evaluation of Affective Behavior (EMS Programs)

Status: Active


Student affect will be intentionally evaluated during the didactic portions of the institution programs and courses, face-to-face sessions, clinical experiences, field experiences, and in all student interactions with the institution stakeholders including but not limited to faculty, staff, and volunteers.

Most of the institution syllabi include a “Positive Affect Criterion” which indicates that the institution Teaching Team may establish that an individual has failed to achieve the Positive Affect Criterion if a student exhibits ongoing or acutely disruptive affect or unprofessional behavior to fellow students, institutional personnel, clinical-partner personnel, or other stakeholders.

This Critical Criteria if unmet could result in the issuance of a failing final grade for the course, regardless of the student's success in other aspects of the program or course and regardless of time remaining in the Maximum Course Duration.

Students who fail to represent the program during clinical/field experiences in a positive light through unethical, immoral, abusive, belligerent, insubordinate, or illegal actions while in clinical uniform may receive a failing grade for the clinical/field experience assignment, effectively preventing the student from completing the program.