Policy Manual

Policy Number Policy Title Category
02.02.010 Compliance - Skills Lab Attendance
04.01.102 Installment Payments for Students with Previous Adverse Action Administrative
04.02.008 Nursing Tuition Rebate Opportunity
04.02.010 Rebate Opportunity Requirements
02.10.114 Student Success Calls Student
02.10.113 Momentum Scores Student
02.10.112 Breaks and Furloughs Student
02.10.111 Student Holidays Student
02.11.120 Item Analysis for High Stakes Summative Examinations
02.11/003 Academic Calendar
99.99.999 Void -Placement / Counseling DRAFT
05.05.002 Employee Grievances
05.05.001 Non-Discrimination Employment Human Resources
04.02.007 Military Rebate Opportunity Student
02.08.001 Tuition and Fees EMT Basic Student
01.10.102 Institution History DRAFT
02.11.002 Hours of Operation
04.01.001 Financial Assistance
02.11.ddd Accreditation DRAFT
02.11.001 Texas State Authorization/Licensure Student
04.02.010 Federal Tax Reporting to Students Student
02.11.102 Clinical, Field and Internship Requirements for EMS Programs Student
02.02.051 Proctoring Student
02.02.050 Technology Requirements Student
02.10.108 Leave of Absence Student
02.02.101 Counseling and Placement Services Student
02.02.012 Notification of Admission Decision Student
02.01.001 Admission Status Student
02.10.109 Academic Progress Student
02.01.005 Student Confidentiality and Privacy Student
02.10.107 Transfer Credit
02.10.106 Advanced Placement Student
02.11.102 Advanced Placement - Previous Clinical Field Experiences Student
02.11.000 EMS PROGRAM SECTION Administrative,Student
02.11.101 Functional Job Descriptions for EMS Certifications Student
02.10.110 Grading Student
02.01.004 English Proficiency Requirements Student
01.10.101 Mission Statement Student
00.000.000 The Axon Policy Database is Being Updated - Website Under Construction
04.02.004 Cancellation Policy Student
04.02.003 Refund Policy for Expenses from Third-Party Vendors Student
04.02.002 Refund Policy for Non-Tuition or Fee Items Student
04.02.001 Refund Policy Student
04.01.200 Withholding a Student Record for Financial Purposes Student
02.02.001 Academic Honesty and the Honor Code Student
02.02.007 Social Media Use in Medical Programs Student
02.02.004 Dress Code for Students Student
02.02.003 Academic Evaluation of Affective Behavior (EMS Programs) Student
02.02.002 Inappropriate Conduct Student
02.02.000 STUDENT LIFE SECTION Student
02.01.003 Accuracy of Admissions Data Student
02.01.002 Admissions Appeal Student
02.11.100 Admission Standards for EMS Programs Student
02.01.000 Admission Student
01.02.005 Obtaining Records Administrative
04.01.101 Payment Options Student
02.10.105 Maximum Course Duration Student
02.10.104 Minimum Activity Policy Student
02.02.100 Student Grievance and Appeals Student
02.02.011 Non-Discrimination Student
02.02.009 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Student
02.02.008 Health Insurance Student
02.11.110 Immunization Policy for EMT Programs
02.02.005 Compliance - Admission Documents Student
02.10.001 Student Initiated Withdrawal
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